MikTeX with Windows 7

I tried reinstalling MikTeX after changing my laptop. After many unsuccessful tries, turning off the anti-virus, etc., it turned out that the 64 bit version wasn’t working for me. The 32 bit version installed fine. I don’t know if this is a general problem, but try the 32 it version if the 64 bit version doesn’t work.


Cython with the anaconda distribution

Recently I converted my python distribution from python x-y to anaconda. I uninstalled the entire thing and reinstalled python using anaconda. I love anaconda. But a weird thing happened, I discovered a while later that my old cython code stopped compiling. After a while, I realized that python x-y installs a 32 bit compiler and put it in my path (32 bit MinGW) and it was clashing with the anaconda installed compiler (MinGW 64). I removed the 32-bit compiler from the path and the problem was gone. I also had to install PyQt4 manually since anaconda doesn’t come with it. But overall I like the anaconda distribution.